Trailer | Twin Cities Film Fest

Production  –  Post  –  Color

This video was the opening title sequence for the Twin Cities Film Fest. The scenes show a movie theater chair, inviting audiences to take a seat and see what happens next.

Locations, locations, locations. The vision and sketches required multiple location scouts and we found a variety of places that worked perfectly. 

(Special Shout-Outs: Cooper Pub for the all-night shoot, Drive-Thru for their amazing balcony, the family whose home we filmed in, the church with the gym basement and the amazing deputy at the car crash scene.)

Shoot secret: While filming in the gym, a flash flood happened and water poured through the windows and down the walls. Some exits were blocked by torrential rain. Our phenomenal team got the shot and did the fastest tear down you’ve ever seen, carrying equipment as cold water rushed over their feet.