Saddlebag | Videotect

Concept  –  Production  –  Post  –  Motion Graphics  –  Color

Shelter Architecture asked us to team up and produce a short film on transportation sustainability. The short won the grand prize at the Architecture MN Magazine Videotect Film Festival!

How do you make transportation sustainability interesting? Create a video and add a cowboy, horse and electric car. Brainstorming shifted the original storyboard and we launched into a new direction with a new script which resulted in award-winning work.

(Shoot secret: To get a gravelly “Big Lebowski” voice-over, the cowboy woke up really early and avoided talking until it was time to record the VO.)

We assembled the perfect production team for an efficient shoot on a winter day with negative temperatures. An abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere was the perfect setting for the video. and our horse, Champ, always hit his mark.

(Shoot secrets: In the last scene, our producer was scrunched down in the front seat to work the brake with her hands when needed.)