Gone | Ditch Edit

Co-Concept  –  Illustration  –  Compositing  – Animation

#allthefeels  A young boy wrote a tender and heart-breaking poem about his mom’s battle with cancer. It is a touching poem about how he imagines a toy lizard turning into a superhero and taking his mom’s cancer away. Ditch Edit approached Gaardhouse to execute the illustration and animation of the poem for The Cancer Poetry Project, a book created by multiple writers about the impact cancer had on their lives.

Ditch Edit brought us the poem and initial concept. Our creative Gaardhouse illustrator created the superhero and multiple monster options. 

We put together illustrated storyboards based on the director’s sketches, outline and chosen character concepts.

The final animation is powerful. Select storyboard scenes could be used as a template for creating each scene in Photoshop. From there, the assets were sliced up and rigged for animation in After Effects.