Welcome to our house! 

Gaardhouse is a creative production company. Our passion is Motion Design for Advertising, Film and Television. We’re a driven group of creatives who focus on: Filming, Animation, Motion graphics and Editing. 


Gaardhouse has a flexible and talented team and our priority is to create excellent and thoughtful design. We can take your project from concept to delivery, or anywhere in between. We’ll add visual Sriracha (travel-size or Costco) depending on how much spice your project needs.


Our clients are refrigerator friends. That means when we’re meeting at Gaardhouse, they feel relaxed and comfortable to grab a drink without asking.


Check out our client list and you’ll see local to globally recognized brands. Want to see your logo? Send an email to Grab a drink and come sit at our table. We’d love to connect and work together. Cheers!